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Should I sell some stocks every time they increase in value?

It’s a matter of personal perception.

Everyone faces challenges in life. The steps we take in our decision-making process are the ones that will determine the result of these challenges. At this point, it should be stressed that there are many factors that play an important role in making these decisions.

“The personal perceptions that give meaning to life don’t suddenly develop”

However, there is also one factor, that of personal perception, which in some cases can play a catalytic and decisive role in our final decision.

Why is having a good personal perception vital?

Personal perception is part of the cognitive process, the way one understands a condition, and can vary from person to person.

Two traders, for example, when they find themselves in a similar position, having the same dilemma, may make different decisions, without anyone being able to confirm whose final decision was more appropriate. The cognitive process in everyone obviously differs.

Everyone’s personal perceptions, i.e. the way they see a situation, often has to do with their own personal experiences. It is an attitude that developed over time, forming different logical beliefs.

Perspectives differ, results are decoded differently.

 “Should I sell some stocks every time they increase in value?”

Everyone’s priorities are a personal matter and everyone’s personal perception will provide the answers to such a question or to any other question of a similar nature.

In the end, what we all need to do is simply develop our perception skills so that we can process our daily challenges more effectively.




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