*Reference day: 19/2/2021

Tesla and Bitcoin:
What lies ahead?

Bitcoin hit $1 trillion* in market value for the first time
in the midst of an epic rally fuelled by Tesla.

Is AMZN set to reach a $2 trillion market cap?

What will reign in the upcoming Amazon quarterly earnings announcement?

*Reference period: 04/12/19 - 03/12/2020
vs :

Which Has the Upper Hand?

Moderna hit a record high and rose by more than 600% in one year, while Pfizer shares rocketed by 10%.*

Gold, Silver, Oil:
Are They Poised to Shine?

From the highest peaks to the lowest lows – COVID’s booming impact on the commodities market.

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*Disclaimer: This material is considered as statistical data on a monthly basis. It does not contain and should not be construed as containing investing advice for any transactions in financial instruments.


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Jun 17 , 06:59 GMT

Train the Brain and Maximize ...

The mind is the most powerful instrument. The right mindset is essential in trading and investing. There are certain ways to train your brain in order to maximize your mindset for its full potential i...
Jun 16 , 08:01 GMT

Market Analysis – Crude Oil

Both Crude and Brent Oil have not failed to disappoint traders in terms of volatility and momentum over the past 18 months. In 2020, after the global lockdowns, we saw oil prices crash by over 84%, fo...
Jun 15 , 08:05 GMT

Market Analysis – GBPUSD

The British Pound against the US Dollar is showing a strong price volatility range of above 110 pips over the past two weeks. However, the asset has lacked direction and momentum due to the current ...
Jun 14 , 07:55 GMT

Market Analysis – USDAUD

The Australian Dollar is showing some weak corrective gains during this morning’s Asian session, recovering from a strong decline at the end of last week and again trying to consolidate above the st...
Jun 11 , 07:42 GMT

Market Analysis – EURUSD

Yesterday was a day packed with important events and economic statistics which the market continues to analyse today. At the time of the news release, the asset expectedly saw the level of volatility ...
Jun 10 , 07:44 GMT

Market Analysis – EURUSD

The Euro shows a moderate decline against the US Dollar during today’s Asian session, developing a bearish daily candlestick. The decline measures just above 10 pips, but the asset has seen a slight...
Jun 10 , 07:40 GMT

Employment and Inflation Runn...

When analysts are analysing the market they evaluate statistics, correlations and economic links in order to determine a price movement, possible performance and risk. There are different economic cha...
Jun 09 , 08:01 GMT

Market Analysis – EURCAD

The Euro against the Canadian Dollar is increasing in value this week as the asset forms its third consecutive bullish daily candlestick of the week, but has shown a slight decline over the past few h...
Jun 08 , 07:59 GMT

Market Analysis – EURGBP

The Euro is once again increasing against the British Pound as it was yesterday during the morning’s Asian and European sessions. The asset has formed two bullish candlesticks and has started the we...
Jun 07 , 07:48 GMT

Market Analysis – GBPUSD

The Pound is showing a strong decline against the US Dollar during this morning’s Asian Session, currently trading at an exchange rate of 1.4113. The price action of today’s bearish trend curr...
Jun 04 , 08:01 GMT

Market Analysis – EURUSD

The US Dollar is increasing not only against the Euro but also against its main competitors in the market. The Euro has significantly decreased against the US Dollar as we approach today’s main even...
Jun 03 , 05:54 GMT

The Stepping Stones to Buy

Are you a beginner trader, or maybe you have not explored any buying stock options? Continue reading to learn some of the best steps to take each time you consider buying a stock. Research Conducting ...
Jun 02 , 08:11 GMT

Market Analysis – EURUSD

The Euro is declining against the US Dollar this morning as we approach the European Market Open. The day started with the price moving in favour of the Euro before collapsing once again to the day’...
Jun 01 , 08:03 GMT

Market Analysis – NASDAQ

The Nasdaq, one of the leading US indices, is correcting upwards after two days of decline. The asset is currently trading at $4,207 which is a slight increase after the commemoration of Memorial Day ...
May 31 , 07:51 GMT

Market Analysis – EURUSD

The EURUSD this morning is not showing any major direction during the Asian session, currently trading at an exchange rate of 1.2192, which is a slight decline. The movement is minimal as the market h...
May 28 , 08:29 GMT

Market Analysis – GBPUSD

The Pound this morning is showing a slight decline against the US Dollar which is showing an increase across the market. Yesterday saw a strong upward trend where the asset increased by over 90 pips i...
May 27 , 08:17 GMT

Market Analysis – EURUSD

The EURUSD declined throughout yesterday’s trading day and continues to decline so far during today’s Asian Session. Yesterday’s decline measured approximately 55 pips which is a 160% correction...
May 27 , 05:59 GMT

Will the Hawks Grip onto Mone...

The tone and stance of Central Banks around the globe has been more or less the same with each region and all the major players. Since COVID had gripped the world and shocked global economies, the Cen...
May 26 , 07:54 GMT

Market Analysis – NZDUSD

The NZDUSD is showing strong bullish price movement this morning during the Asian session. The bullish movement has continued during the opening of the European Session as the daily candlestick alread...
May 25 , 08:02 GMT

Market Analysis – USDJPY

The US Dollar is trading with a decline against the Japanese Yen in today’s Asian session, consolidating near 108.65. The asset has seen an increased level of volatility once we entered into the...
May 24 , 07:59 GMT

Market Analysis – GBPUSD

The British Pound this morning is increasing in value against the US dollar as of this week’s market open, currently trading at 1.4158. This morning the momentum and volatility increased as we appro...
May 21 , 07:55 GMT

Market Analysis – USD/CAD

The USDCAD pair is demonstrating an uptrend during this morning’s Asian Session, trading at the level of 1.2079. However, the asset did show bearish movement the day before due to the depreciating U...
May 20 , 07:57 GMT

Market Analysis – AUDUSD

The AUDUSD pair moves within an upward corrective trend, trading at the level of 0.7755. The price movement this morning has already corrected 50% of yesterday’s bearish price movement. The price mo...
May 20 , 06:11 GMT

Versatility of the FX Market

Some might ask why forex? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” -Plato Continue reading this quick guide on how the versatility of the FX mark...
May 19 , 08:19 GMT

Market Analysis – EURUSD

The Euro during this morning’s Asian Session continues to increase in value, forming its fifth consecutive bullish candlestick on the daily chart. The Euro has reached a new price high since the 25t...
May 18 , 08:00 GMT

Market Analysis – AUDUSD

The AUDUSD pair continues its correction upward as the instrument forms its fourth consecutive trading day where the price has ended higher than the market open. Currently, the price action is trading...
May 17 , 08:27 GMT

Market Analysis – EURGBP

The EURGBP opened at a lower market gap this morning, however, has seen an increase in value slightly. Overall, the price still remains lower than the market close of Friday, even though today’s can...
May 14 , 08:27 GMT

Market Analysis – USDCAD

When looking at the past few days we can see the USDCAD pair moves within an upward trend, trading at 1.2159, however, when we look at the price movement this morning we can see that momentum has agai...
May 13 , 08:04 GMT

Market Analysis – EURGBP

During this morning Asian Session the Euro is increasing considerably against the Pound. The currency pair has already gained 25 pips till now and has seen higher levels of momentum as the price appro...
May 13 , 07:29 GMT

Is the Recovery Finding Resis...

One of the key market drivers for the US economy and the US Dollar is the monthly employment figures. These figures include the Non-Farm Payroll, the Unemployment Rate, and monthly Average Hourly Earn...

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