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Trading conditions

Become a Professional Trader with eXcentral

The company shall determine its Clients Category as either Retail, Professional or Eligible Counterparty. Retail Clients are provided with the highest degree of protection under the MiFID II as transposed into the Law of Cyprus, whilst Professional Clients due to their knowledge, experience and expertise, can choose to trade with higher leverage and lower stop out percentage.

Account Differences

Professional accounts

CFDs Asset Classes
Forex major pairs
Forex non-major pairs
Energy commodities
Major indices
Non-major Indices
Stocks (Equities)
Margin close out rule¹
Eligible for ICF compensation²

Keep your standards as a Professional Trader

As an eXcentral Professional Trader you will continue to enjoy:

  • Negative Balance Protection

    Never be subjected to lose more than your balance

  • Access to Premium Tools

    Gain direct access to professional trading tools

  • Dedicated Account Manager

    Continued personal support from your account manager

  • Trading Signals

    Receive daily trading signals and market newsReceive daily trading signals and market news

  • Access to VIP Platinum Education

    Benefit from professional trading education

  • Higher Leverage

    Trade with up to 400:1 leverage on certain assets

*Read our full Risk Disclosure here.

Check the Account Specifications

Professional Account Requirements

You can become a professional trader by submitting an application and meeting at least two of the following criteria³:

  • Having opened at least 10 trades per quarter for the past year, and each trade size (volume) was at least $4,000 in Stocks/Cryptos and/or $18,500 in Forex/Commodities with eXcentral or any other broker
  • Having at least one year experience working in a professional position in the financial field, which requires knowledge of the CFDs market.
  • A portfolio size⁴ of 500,000 EUR or more; cash deposits and financial instruments inclusive.


¹ A standardised margin closeout rule at the percentage of the minimum initial required margin prescribed above on a per account basis. For professional clients’ trading accounts the percentage is subject to changes.

² The objective of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF) is to secure claims of Retail Clients through the payment of compensation (up to €20,000) in cases where we default on our obligations to you, if certain conditions are met. Read more here.

³ You can decide whether you wish to submit an application now or at a later stage or even remain to be treated as retail client. Please note that you have the option to revert your status back to retail once you become professional at any time if you wish so.

⁴ Financial instruments include shares, cash deposits made to fund or profits accrued from investing in derivatives, debt instruments and cash deposits. They do not include property, traditional commodity ownership or the notional value of derivative instruments.

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