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Do you want to improve your trading experience? Stay connected with the market trends following our weekly free webinars, and discover the world of trading. From the basics, all the way to innovations, advanced skills and techniques. With eXcentral you’ll find it all.

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  • 27 July Psychology of Certain Prices
  • 20 July Commodity Trading
  • 13 July Price Movement Techniques
  • 6 July The Market’s Wolf Waves

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With every week comes new trading insight. From the basis of trading, to advanced strategies or trading psychology, we try to cover all the topics for you to get the broader market idea, broadening your trading horizons. And what’s very interesting about them is that they’re created by a long term trader, that has worked his way to becoming our Market Analyst, Michalis Efthymiou.

calendar 27 July
18:00 +0 GMT

Psychology of Certain Prices

Did you know that following the market sentiment & psychology...
calendar 20 July
18:00 +0 GMT

Commodity Trading

Improve your commodity trading know-how and put it to good use, m...
calendar 13 July
18:00 +0 GMT

Price Movement Techniques

Since knowledge could be power, take a step forward, learning som...
calendar 6 July
18:00 +0 GMT

The Market’s Wolf Waves

Learn more about price patterns, the Wolf Waves, and how to get y...

Trading Webinars

Meet Michalis

Straight from the heart of London, in the aid of all eXcentral traders, comes one highly analytical, meticulous, and skilful financial observer. He is Michalis Efthymiou, and he’s eXcentral’s brand new Market Analyst! With his fresh perspective on the markets, and after having traded himself for almost a decade, Michalis is often a guest speaker in global Forex Expos, including several in London, South Africa and Dubai.

Before this trading market prodigy worked as a Financial Adviser in central London for well over 5 years, he advanced his trading knowledge by attending the London Institute of Banking and Finance. This is where Michalis got his Financial Adviser CeMAP certification. Following this, he didn’t stop there and went on with his studies, getting an advanced CySEC certification.

While maintaining his part-time lecturer job at a college where he teaches economics and trading, this ex-fund manager also managed to set up two forex trading educational centres (one in Nigeria and another one in South Africa). The two trading academies, he says, will always be his most uplifting achievements.

All these experiences have prepared Michalis for the most rewarding role of his career, so far, hosting trading webinars. With these educational series, he aims to always leave traders with the knowledge that can help them improve their personal trading experience, and at the same time push them to discover new sources of trading inspiration..


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Didn’t make it to the live screening? You shouldn’t worry since you’ll find all your favourite webinars right here. Browse through the library, choose the webinar of your liking and review it whenever you want!

  • 4th Sept

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Trading the Stock Market while Controlling Risks
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Regression Channels and Trailing Stop
Medium Term Technical Analysis for Intermediates
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Handling losses through Technical and Fundamental Analysis
How to Identify Reversal Patterns like an Experienced Trader
Riding the Trend
Swing Trading Technical Analysis for intermediates
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Scalping Strategy and Technique
Improving Accuracy and Timing
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Extensive understanding of how to Trade Stocks
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