Сможет ли Tesla превзойти свои предыдущие показатели?

Tesla достигла заоблачных цен на акции, подорожав на 900% всего за год.*

*Контрольный период: 16/09/19 - 31/08/2020

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Oct 15 , 07:44 GMT

Unemployment taking its toll

Unemployment seems to be emerging as possibly one of the key issues of 2020 and most likely going to continue as a main factor in 2021. Unemployment is spoken about strongly by analysts and central ba...
Oct 08 , 05:17 GMT

A New Horizon: ECB’s Discus...

“The euro belongs to Europeans and we are its guardian. We should be prepared to issue a digital euro, should the need arise.” -Christone Lagarde, President of the ECB As of recent, the European C...
Sep 30 , 13:27 GMT

Is the US economy Recovering?

There has been plenty of talk around the US economy and whether the economy has in fact started recovering or is still struggling behind the rest of the world’s economies. The world’s largest ...
Sep 24 , 06:50 GMT

What is your legacy?

“Each successful story hides an adventure, which is your legacy.” When you enter the world of trading then you can consider yourself a part of the world of markets. Your actions will be the ones t...
Sep 17 , 06:19 GMT

Britain’s New Stance

So far this year has looked very different for the currency market. For the first time in 30 months we are witnessing a weak Dollar, which would normally be positive for the British Pound that has tra...
Sep 10 , 05:24 GMT

Put Your Skills to Better Use

Are you looking for a new hobby, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Have you considered you might be a trader? Below are a series of questions that will help you determine whether you’ve got wh...
Sep 03 , 04:54 GMT

Oil’s Collapse and Recovery

Out of more than 160 different tradable instruments on eXcentral’s platform, arguably the most interesting are Crude and Brent Oil. Both assets have experienced a price collapse of 81% early in the ...
Aug 26 , 11:37 GMT

This Month's Stock Split ...

As part of this blog we will be concentrating on two of the most popular stocks of 2020 so far, Apple and Tesla. Both stocks have seen remarkable growth since the Stock Market crash in March this year...
Aug 24 , 14:06 GMT

Stay Away From Suspicion

Suspicion can damage the image of what we perceive as real. When you choose to do what you like but your mind is clouded by suspicious thoughts, then there is a risk of losing the substance. It will m...
Aug 20 , 09:07 GMT

Who Can Trade?

Since we already saw what trading is, it’s about time we also see who can do it. Keep on reading if you’re interested in finding out more about regulations and whether trading can be appropriate f...
Aug 19 , 14:44 GMT

The US Dollar and Economy

As with all currencies the US Dollar and the US economy is deeply entwined. Traders not only wish to invest in a high interest and yielding currency but also a currency which is backed by a stable eco...
Aug 11 , 08:22 GMT

The Past, Present and Future ...

The choices of the past, present and future are a recurring cycle of reality. Can a person’s mission be already predetermined?  Let’s have a look at some basic needs to find out our story. Le...
Aug 06 , 13:10 GMT

The Cryptocurrency Market

eXcentral is expanding the number of assets and markets available for traders to invest in every month. One of the highest growing markets, if not the highest growing market, over the last 10 years is...
Jul 29 , 12:57 GMT

Disney – Our New Stock

We are proud to announce we have added a new asset for our traders to analyse, trade and enjoy. Disney is one of the most traded stocks in the US with a current volume of almost 10,000,000. Over the p...
Jul 28 , 07:50 GMT

Accepting challenges

The daily challenges you face are the ones that define your mindset. It doesn’t matter where you are, or how you have chosen to live. What really matters is the courage you’ll show when encounteri...
Jul 23 , 11:32 GMT

Nasdaq – Are Tech Stocks th...

The US Stock Market has more than $100 trillion worth of stocks sold yearly, with technology stocks such as Apple and Netflix becoming more popular. However, not many traders are aware they have the o...
Jul 21 , 07:42 GMT

Everyone Loves a Good Comebac...

Personal worries can have a drastic domino effect on your trading choices. Have you ever wondered where you could restart your growth from?  Let’s take a look at things from the… end You&...
Jul 16 , 09:36 GMT

Netflix – The Streaming Kin...

Netflix is still one of the most popular stocks, even with it losing rights to movies such as Disney and Pixar Productions, or Friends. Over the last couple of years, there have also been talks regard...
Jul 09 , 09:05 GMT

The Battered Renminbi

When traders are looking at currencies to pair with the US dollar, the market normally turns to the Euro, Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar and other major currencies. Very rarely traders think to take ...
Jul 07 , 13:33 GMT

What’s With All the Trading...

More and more traders join the financial market every day. Yet, just as many seem to be deterred exactly by what is meant to protect them, and their accounts – the authentication questionnaire. Whic...
Jul 01 , 09:00 GMT

The British Pound on the Rope...

Traders, when investing in a currency, look mainly at the economy and the political system to attempt and predetermine how the currency is likely to perform in the foreseeable future. The UK being the...
Jun 29 , 08:54 GMT

Choose A Winning Attitude

Even if you believe you’ve drafted a successful trading strategy, don’t stop. Make a second one! Work harder, look beyond your successes and aim for more. Many times achieving success depe...
Jun 25 , 08:29 GMT

Is Apple Unstoppable?

When a stock starts to perform well, traders start asking themselves the same questions: ‘Why is it appreciating in value?’, ‘Is it stable?’ and most importantly ‘Is it too late to buy?’ A...
Jun 22 , 07:59 GMT

Know Your Broker – Regulati...

We get it. The fact that you’re not meeting the intermediary face-to-face can be scary, but not when you know how to properly research before choosing the broker you want to entrust with your tradin...
Jun 17 , 11:21 GMT

Powell’s Powerful Speech

On Tuesday afternoon we had one of the greatest events of the week, affecting mainly the US Dollar pairs, as well as the US-linked assets, as American stocks. A lot of traders looking to trade the mar...
Jun 15 , 11:20 GMT

Weather Conditions Impacting ...

When it comes to what weather patterns affect the markets, the opinions are divided among Market Analysts. However, some have long debated the subject, thoroughly analysing the phenomenon, and finally...
Jun 10 , 11:18 GMT

Weighing the Dollar

The US Dollar has been known for decades as the currency king and even at times a safe haven. The world trusts in the dollar since central banks and organisations are known to keep large reserves in, ...
Jun 05 , 11:17 GMT

How to get stronger through d...

Yes, life is not all rainbows and butterflies… There have been, and will be, unfortunate moments that we have to deal with. And then there’s the moment when we wonder how we could deal wit...
Jun 03 , 11:15 GMT

Central Banks are Key

Some traders may think there’s nothing more uninteresting than listening to the head of a central bank commenting about the economy. However, it may be one of the most vital pieces of information th...
Jun 01 , 11:12 GMT

Read This if Trading Charts S...

Reading charts isn’t as hard as it might seem, so you should face your fears and learn how to successfully use this great technical analysis tool in your day-by-day trading. To ease up your work we...

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